Saturday, July 9, 2016

Exploring in Cusco

Today we had our last breakfast in Lima, which was so bittersweet. We had an early flight to Cusco this morning. My anticipation of seeing Cusco for the first time grew every half hour on the plane! As soon as I walked off the plane, I immediately fell in love with Cusco. Everyone was attached to their phones as we all took an abundance of pictures of the beautiful city we had just arrived in. 

Once we got settled in out hotel rooms we went to Don Tomás for lunch. I decided to order a dish I grew familiar with, that I had eaten in Lima, ají de gallina, which was so delicious! After lunch everyone went to their hotel rooms to rest from such a long morning of traveling.

A few hours later, a couple of us wanted to see a traditional Peruvian dance performance. We got to witness some of the night life in Cusco on our way to purchase tickets for the dance performance. We walked by the beautiful Qoricancha. The group fueled up at dinner to prepare for our fun-filled day of exploring in the Sacred Valley and Ollantaytambo tomorrow!

~ Alyssa Jones

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