Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Teacher appreciation

We (the Comparative Education group) began our day with a second visit to Colegio de la Inmaculada. It was a shortened day of school because of Teacher Appreciation Day in Peru tomorrow, July 6th. Inmaculada will be closed for Teacher Appreciation Day. The teachers at Inmaculada received gifts and special treats from their students throughout the day. They were also honored onstage at an assembly. It is clear that teachers are held to a high esteem in Peru, based on what we saw on our time spent at Inmaculada yesterday and today. We were also included in the Teacher Appreciation festivities and invited onstage. 

After saying our goodbyes at Inmaculada and receiving thank you gifts from the administrators, we ate a delicious lunch at Pescados Capitales. It had many Peruvian fish specialties that everyone enjoyed. After lunch, we stopped by the Indian Market in Lima to shop for Peruvian souvenirs. The vendors offered a wide variety of brightly-colored and beautiful items. Llamas tended to be a common theme on the goods, which is not surprising, considering that they are indigenous to the Andes. 

One of the most interesting parts of the day was when Taylor Hanna, Dr. Aliaga, and I sampled some Peruvian fruits. We ate chirimoya and granadilla. The chirimoya has a white flesh with many black seeds, but has a sweet flavor and is a popular fruit amongst Peruvians. The granadilla is in the pomegranate family. We used spoons to scoop out the seeds, taste the juices, and swallow without chewing. It was a delicious, yet interesting experience.

To finish our day, we had dinner at Tanta in Larcomar. Tasty meals were enjoyed by all. I look forward to trying more Peruvian cuisine and exploring Peru as the trip continues.

~Caitlyn Sampson

Ms. Sampson and her class at the Inmaculada

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